RNase A

For RNase digestion during DNA preparation


    RNase A (17,500 U)

    Cat. No. / ID: 19101

    2.5 ml (100 mg/ml; 7000 units/ml, solution) Unit definition: That amount of enzyme causing the hydrolysis of RNA at a rate such that k (velocity constant) equals unity (Kunitz units) at 25°C and pH 5.0.
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    QIAGEN Ribonuclease A (RNase A) is endonuclease-free and quality-controlled for use in plasmid purification procedures for digestion of RNA. This ready-to-use solution has the same specifications as the RNase supplied in all QIAGEN plasmid DNA purification kits. An aliquot of the solution must be diluted into Buffer P1 to the appropriate concentration.


    Effects of technological processes on the tenacity and inactivation of norovirus genogroup II in experimentally contaminated foods.
    Mormann S; Dabisch M; Becker B;
    Appl Environ Microbiol; 2009; 76 (2):536-45 2009 Nov 20 PMID:19933338


    3314-What is the concentration of RNase A sold separately?

    RNase A (17500 U), catalog number 19101, is 100mg/ml. 

    RNase A Solution (650 µl), catalog number 158922, and RNase A Solution (5 ml), catalog number 158924, are both 4mg/ml.