MagAttract Suspension G

For use with the BioSprint 96


  • Fast and efficient purification of high-quality DNA and RNA
  • Convenient handling using magnetic-particle technology
  • Compatible with automated processing on various instruments such as the BioSprint 96, KingFisher Flex, Eppendorf epMotion, Tecan Fluent and other
MagAttract Suspension G (13 ml)

Cat. No. / ID: 1026901

13 ml MagAttract Suspension G
13 ml
1.6 ml

Product Details

MagAttract magnetic-particle technology combines the speed and efficiency of silica-based DNA purification with the convenient handling of magnetic particles. DNA binds to the silica surface of the magnetic particles in the presence of a chaotropic salt. DNA bound to the particles is then efficiently washed, considerably improving the purity of DNA. High-quality DNA is eluted. The automated purification procedure completely removes enzymes, nucleotides, and other contaminants and inhibitors. Purified DNA is suitable for direct use in downstream applications, such as sequencing and microarray analysis.