Deparaffinization Solution

1 x 50 ml Deparaffinization Solution for use with QIAsymphony DSP DNA Mini Kit FFPE tissue protocols


    Deparaffinization Solution (50 ml)

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    1 x 50 ml Deparaffinization Solution
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    Deparaffinization Solution is optimized for deparaffinization prior to DNA purification from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections. After addition to an FFPE sample, the solution remains on the sample while proteinase K digestion is carried out. It is unnecessary to pellet the FFPE sample after addition of Deparaffinization Solution, or to remove paraffin-containing supernatant. QIAGEN's Deparaffinization Solution is non-odorous and is easily tracked with its blue tracer dye. The Deparaffinization Solution may be used with the QIAsymphony DSP DNA Mini Kit.