Buffer ATL

For tissue lysis


  • Tissue lysis buffer for use in nucleic acid purifications
  • Available in 2 sizes: 200 ml and 4 x 50 ml
  • Compatible with different applications
Buffer ATL (4 x 50 ml)

Cat. No. / ID: 939011

4 x 50 ml Tissue Lysis Buffer for use in purification of nucleic acids
4 x 50 ml
200 ml
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Product Details

Buffer ATL is a tissue lysis buffer for use in purification of nucleic acids. It is available in two sizes: 200 ml or 4 x 50 ml.


User-Developed Protocols (1)
This protocol has been adapted by the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Crime Laboratory from the standard QIAGEN pretreatment for casework samples, and is intended for the lysis and extraction of DNA from forensic samples of fired (casings) and unfired (cartridges) ammunition.