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PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes (IVD)

For collection of whole blood samples for molecular diagnostic testing

  • Component of the FDA-cleared, CE-marked PAXgene Blood RNA System
  • Immediate stabilization of intracellular RNA and miRNA at collection
  • Specimen transport and storage at room and refrigerated temperatures
  • Frozen specimen storage for up to 8 years
  • Standardized preanalytic processing of samples


The PAXgene Blood RNA Tube (IVD) is a component of the PAXgene Blood RNA System, which additionally includes the PAXgene Blood RNA Kit (IVD) for nucleic acid purification. The PAXgene Blood RNA System is intended for the collection, transport and storage of blood and the stabilization of intracellular RNA in a closed tube with subsequent isolation and purification of intracellular RNA for RT-PCR used in molecular diagnostic testing.


Additive/concentration Additive 6.9 ml
Closure type/color BD Hemogard/Red
Draw volume 2.5 ml
Label type Paper
Quantity 100/box
Tube size 16 x 100 mm

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Application Notes (2)
Typical total RNA yields from PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes processed with the PAXgene Blood RNA Kit
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In situ stability of RNA in blood specimens stored for 11 years (132 months) at –20°C and –70°C in PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes


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Brochures & Guides (2)
For molecular diagnostic testing


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For collection, transport, and storage of whole blood and stabilization and purification of intracellular RNA


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Kit Handbooks (External Websites) (1)

Please download the Handbook from the BD website at www.bd.com/IFU     

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