Master Mixes

QIAGEN has vast experience in creating, validating and producing master mixes, having bought a huge variety of kits to the market over the years. Our master mixes can be used in most commercially available instruments for various applications such as PCR, qPCR, RT PCR, digital PCR, NGS, epigenetics, pyrosequencing, PCR array analysis and remove pyrosequencing. Our smooth supply chain operations enable bulk deliveries, just in time, anywhere in the world.


From off-the-shelf to fully customized mixes, we can offer a variety of solutions tailored to your application. Furthermore, the delivered format can be adapted to your production needs. We can supply GMP-grade mixes. Our master mixes are delivered as a stable solution, in lyophilized, lyo-ready or glycerol-free forms.



Innovation leaders

Our innovative QuantiNova® master mix products with unique pipetting-control feature demonstrate our ability and interest in driving innovation in every product, always.

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