Benefit from the combination of innovation and expertise when deploying enzymes optimized to your requirements. OEM by QIAGEN offers bulk production of a wide variety of enzymes for diverse molecular applications. We draw on decades of experience, resources, and expertise to provide enzymes with unique features and adjusted filling volumes, to meet your specifications. We are proud to be a leading enzyme supplier to major NGS solution providers, worldwide.

REACH for OEM Webinar

The REACH EU Regulation – registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals – affects the supply chain of molecular diagnostic companies.

In this webinar the implications of REACH especially for OEM partners are reviewed. Our efforts to assure compliance and future supply security are discussed.

Webinar: OEM reagents for commercial PCR assay

Supplier efficiency ads an extra challenge to development of tailored components for your assays.

Dirk Schacht describes QIAGEN’s approach to kit development and respective support options for OEM partners around RT- and PCR-enzymes, mastermix formulations, assay development and their supply.

OEM reagents

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Gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing technological landscape with OEM solutions. Gear our wealth of experience towards your goals.

From the OEM enzyme portfolio

Multi-column purification processes on high-performance systems ensure quality and consistency. Scalable processes ensure reproducibility when moving from small to large-volume production. Our manufacturing facilities include environmentally controlled, purpose-built laboratory suites with restricted access.

Multi-column purification

Multi-column purification

The purification process can include up to eight columns, achieving the utmost purity for downstream applications. We supply GMP-grade ISO compliant enzymes, produced as solution, lyophilized, lyo-ready, or glycerol-free formulations.

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