MagAttract Viral RNA M48 Kit

For automated purification of viral RNA from up to 300 µl serum or plasma samples


  • Rapid purification of high-quality viral RNA
  • Flexible purification of 6–48 samples per run
  • Easy optimization of RNA concentration

Product Details

The MagAttract Viral RNA M48 Kit provides automated purification of viral RNA on the BioRobot M48 using proven MagAttract magnetic particle technology. Variable elution volumes enable easy optimization of viral RNA concentration for downstream applications. Viral RNA purification and magnetic separation take place in the pipet tips, increasing the efficiency of the procedure.


The yield of viral RNA per sample with the MagAttract Viral RNA M48 Kit is normally below 1 µg, and is therefore difficult to determine with a spectrophotometer. Quantitative amplification methods are recommended for determination of yields.


The MagAttract Viral RNA M48 Kit provides fully automated purification of viral RNA from serum and plasma. MagAttract technology combines the speed and efficiency of silica-based RNA purification with the convenient handling of magnetic particles. Samples are processed in the BioRobot M48 in 1.5 ml or 2 ml sample tubes. Up to 48 samples in increments of 6 samples can be processed per run. The sample source can be up to 300 µl serum or plasma. The yield of purified RNA depends on the sample type and virus titer.


In the MagAttract Viral RNA M48 procedure, viral RNA binds to the silica surface of the magnetic particles in the presence of a chaotropic salt. Viral RNA bound to the particles is then efficiently washed using two different wash buffers. High-quality viral RNA is eluted at 65ºC in an RNase-free elution buffer.


The high-quality RNA obtained using the MagAttract Viral RNA M48 Kit and the BioRobot M48 is suited for use in many downstream applications, such as:

  • Viral epidemiology and genotyping
  • Infectious disease research


applicationsPCR, real-time PCR, digital PCR, genotyping, sequencing
sampleamount300 µl
forautomatedprocessingKingFisher Flex Workdeck
elutionvolume80 µl
mainsampletypeRespiratory swabs
purificationoftotalrnamirnapolyamrnadnaorproteinViral RNA
format96 well
technologyMagnetic particles


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For purification of viral RNA from serum and plasma using the BioRobot M48 workstation


How can I prevent running out of M48 Kit reagents before the full number of samples are processed?

We recommend to process a minimum of 24 samples per run on the BioRobot M48 workstation. While the software will allow as few as 6 samples to be run at a time, small amounts of buffer do remain at the bottom of the reagent trays after each run. This may lead to reagent shortage, unless the remaining buffers are being reused.

FAQ ID -1042
What has to be done to an RNA sample before loading it onto an Agilent Bioanalyzer?

For RNA isolated on the BioRobot EZ1 and BioRobot M48:

The RNA can be directly applied to the Agilent Bioanalyzer, since it is being denatured in the final protocol steps of these isolation procedures.

For RNA prepared with all other QIAGEN RNA Isolation Products:

We recommend to denature the samples in a water bath for 2 min at 70°C, and then place them directly on ice prior to loading them onto the Agilent Bioanalyzer.


FAQ ID -528
How do I safely inactivate biohazardous flow-through material?

Always dispose of potentially biohazardous solutions according to your institution’s waste-disposal guidelines. Although the lysis and binding buffers in QIAamp, DNeasy, and RNeasy kits contain chaotropic agents that can inactivate some biohazardous material, local regulations dictate the proper way to dispose of biohazards. DO NOT add bleach or acidic solutions directly to the sample-preparation waste. Guanidine hydrochloride in the sample-preparation waste can form highly reactive compounds when combined with bleach.
Please access our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) online for detailed information on the reagents for each respective kit.

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