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Glutathione HiCap Matrix and Cartridges

For reliable purification of GST-tagged proteins

  • New glutathione matrix with 50% increased binding capacity
  • Reliable dynamic binding up to 20 mg/ml
  • High flow characteristics
  • Mild elution conditions maintain protein function
  • Excellent choice for column purification and scale-up

Glutathione HiCap represents a state-of-the-art matrix for affinity purification of GST and GST-fusion protein. Purification of these GST-tagged proteins is achieved by their strong and specific binding to the tripeptide ligand glutathione, which is stably immobilized on the bead support of the matrix. Glutathione HiCap Matrix provides high binding capacity for GST-tagged proteins and ensures high-resolution affinity purification of GST and GST-fusion proteins. The Glutathione HiCap Matrix is available in both bulk and cartridge formats.

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Glutathione HiCap Matrix (500 ml)
72,445.00 kr
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For purification of GST-tagged protein: 5 x 200 ml Glutathione HiCap Matrix suspension (50%)
Glutathione HiCap Matrix and Cartridges are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Superior binding capacity (gravity flow).
Glutathione HiCap Matrix shows a higher binding capacity compared to a resin from an alternative supplier. *Fast-flow resin.

Superior binding capacity (batch format).
Glutathione HiCap Matrix has a superior binding capacity compared to resins from other suppliers. Glutathione HiCap Matrix is a new and improved alternative to QIAGEN's Glutathione Superflow, and provides higher yields and a 50% increase in binding capacity. *Fast-flow resin; †High-performance resin; ‡Glutathione resin.

Dynamic binding capacity.

Yield of GST-tagged protein achieved using the Glutathione HiCap Cartridge (1 ml) depends on flow rates. Dynamic binding capacity is approximately 20 mg/ml; recommended flow rate for the 1 ml cartridge: 0.25–1 ml/min.

Glutathione affinity purification.
Purification of GST-tagged protein.
Purification of 19 mg of GST-tagged protein was performed using Glutahione HiCapMatix. M: Marker; CL: Cleared lysate; FT: Flow-through; W: Wash; E: Eluate. Analysis was performed by SDS-PAGE.

Delivery of highly pure proteins.

Purification of GST-tagged protein was performed with Glutathione HiCap Matrix and resins from various other suppliers. High purity was achieved using QIAGEN's new Glutathione HiCap Matrix. M: Marker; CL: Cleared lysate. Elution fractions are shown. Analysis was performed by SDS-PAGE. *Glutathione resin; †Fast-flow resin; ‡High-performance resin

The Glutathione HiCap Matrix combines high resolution with high binding capacity and allows high flow rates (see figures "Superior binding capacity (batch format)", "Superior binding capacity (gravity flow)", and "Dynamic binding capacity"), giving high yields of highly pure tagged proteins (see figures "Purification of GST-tagged protein", and "Delivery of highly pure proteins").

Glutathione HiCap resin represents a state-of-the-art matrix for affinity purification of GST and GST-fusion proteins in a single-step process (see figure"Glutathione affinity purification"). Using a simple bind-wash-elute procedure, GST-tagged protein from various sources, both native and recombinantly expressed, are strongly and specifically bound to the tripeptide ligand glutathione, which is stably immobilized on the matrix bead support. Non-tagged proteins are washed through and GST-tagged proteins are easily obtained with glutathione in the elution buffer, giving high yields of tagged proteins (see figures "Purification of GST-tagged protein", and "Delivery of highly pure proteins").

The Glutathione HiCap Matrix is an excellent choice for column purification and scale-up (cartridges or custom-packed columns). Glutathione HiCap Cartridges are pre-filled with 1 ml or 5 ml Glutathione HiCap Matrix and are ready to use for purification of GST-tagged proteins using a syringe, peristaltic pump, or automated liquid chromatography systems (such as ÄKTA, ÄKTAdesign, or BioLogic workstation). The highly physically stable bead support (WorkBeads) is made from agarose, providing reliable purification under a variety of conditions. Excellent flow characteristics of the HiCap Matrix make it highly suited for automated systems, and provide high dynamic binding capacity. Glutathione HiCap Matrix is suitable for batch purification, gravity-assisted chromatography, and packed-bed column chromatography (cartridges or custom-packed columns), as well as for high-throughput applications in vacuum- or centrifugation-based protocols. The outstanding stability of the matrix also means that Glutathione HiCap Matrix is well suited for GST pull-down applications to determine the physical interaction between proteins, where the beads are subjected to repeated high g-force centrifugation steps.

In the single-step purification of GST-tagged proteins (see figure "Glutathione affinity purification"), lysate containing the tagged protein is loaded onto the column/cartridge. After initial washing with column buffer, the GST-tagged protein is collected using elution buffer containing reduced glutathione, which competes with the matrix-bound reduced glutathione for the GST-tagged protein.

GST-tagged proteins purified with Glutathione HiCap Matrix are suitable for various downstream applications, including:

  • Structural analysis
  • Generation of antibodies by immunization


Applications Proteomics
Binding capacity up to 12 mg /ml
Gravity Flow or FPLC Glutathione Superflow: gravity flow or FPLC; Gluthatione Superflow Cartridge: FPLC or syringe
N- or C-terminal tag N-terminal
Processing manual/automated
Scale Glutathione Superflow: large scale; Gluthatione Superflow Cartridge: medium scale
Special feature tag increases protein solubility
Start material cell lysate
Support/matrix Superflow
Tag GST-tag
Yield uo to 12 mg/ml

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