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PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5

Enhanced application software for use with PyroMark Q96 ID systems
  • Intuitive file-based format allows easy updates and use of plug-ins
  • Runs stored as xml files allow more formats and easy data transfer
  • New CpG analysis mode eliminates need for additional software
  • Includes AQ and CpG setup modes for easy assay setup
  • Simultaneous analysis of all application modes in parallel
PyroMark Q96 ID software version 2.5 provides the most flexible solution for time- and cost-efficient detection and quantification of genetic variants on PyroMark Q96 ID systems. This enhanced application software contains four analysis modes: AQ (allele quantification), SNP (analysis of SNPs and InDels), CpG (methylation analysis), and SQA (sequence identification). These four different types of analyses can be performed on the same plate, in the same run.

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Operating Software (1)
PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5 version is the application software for setting up, performing and analyzing runs on PyroMark Q96 ID instruments. The main feature of this release is 64bit compatibility with Windows 7 operating systems.

This software can only be downloaded by users with a registered PyroMark Q96 ID instrument.
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