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QIAseq 16S/ITS Index Kits

Adapters and sample indexes for constructing libraries using the QIAseq 16S/ITS Panels
  • Sample indexes to index up to 96 samples using Illumina sequencers
  • Sufficient supply of each index for 4 samples
  • Tube format for flexibility and array format for convenience and high throughput

QIAseq 16S/ITS Panels are the Sample to Insight solution for robust profiling of bacterial and fungal communities. The panels have been developed for sequencing 16S rRNA and ITS regions on Illumina platforms. Unlike other solutions, QIAseq 16S/ITS Panels use "phased primers" to increase the quality of reads and base calling, and eliminate the need for PhiX spike-in. In addition, QIAseq 16S/ITS Panels incorporate low-bioburden reagents to decrease background contamination, interrogate all 16S rRNA variable regions and allow low DNA input, enabling the analysis of low-biomass samples.

Any QIAseq 16S/ITS Index Kit can be used in conjunction with any QIAseq 16S/ITS Panel to produce libraries from extracted DNA.

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