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QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Analyze

The bioinformatic complement to the GeneReader NGS System
  • Optimized easy-to-use, pre-designed secondary data analysis pipelines
  • Role-based permissions for running, editing, reporting and customizing workflows
  • Fast and reliable globally-recognized algorithms
  • Unique user capability to filter, confirm or reject variants within the review process
  • Concise transparent reporting
QCI Analyze offers all the tools you need to guide your NGS data analysis together with the Actionable Insights Tumor Panel on the GeneReader NGS System. QCI Analyze fully complements the GeneReader, from the setup of sequencing reactions to the automated analysis of sequencing results. The software includes optimized read alignment, variant calling, filtering and integrated visualization so your lab can confirm the analytic validity of your results. After reviewing your quality control (QC) reports and variant data in QCI Analyze, you can continue your interpretation of NGS variants in QCI Interpret.

Please note: The GeneReader NGS System is currently only available with proprietary new sequencing chemistry in the US. Legacy sequencing chemistry is only available ex-US.