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QIAseq FX DNA Library Kit

High-quality whole genome libraries – no shearing required!

  1. DNA fragmentation to NGS-ready libraries – all in a single kit
  2. Streamlined 2.5-hour workflow for easy automation
  3. High library complexity and even coverage maximizes interpretable data
  4. Flexible DNA inputs of 20 pg –1 µg 
  5. Customizable fragment and batch sizes match any whole genome or hybrid capture workflow

The QIAseq FX Library Kit is a complete, all-enzymatic NGS library prep for high complexity DNA sequencing applications and is available in either 24-reaction or 96-reaction formats. This library prep is compatible with any Illumina sequencer and includes a 96-well plate containing either 24 or 96 dual-barcoded sequencing adapters (pierceable foil seal, allowing usage of defined parts of the plate). Library preparation from whole gDNA to sequencing-ready fragments takes just 2.5 hours and does not require any additional instrumentation or expensive glassware for DNA shearing – saving substantial time and cost. The QIAseq FX Library Kit is a fast, top-quality library prep for any whole genome or hybrid capture application designed with an easy-to-use protocol. Fragment sizes, input amounts and batch sizes are all customizable. Want to try this solution for the first time? Request a quote for a trial kit.

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