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QIAsymphony SP for FFPE sample preparation

For automated, high throughput DNA prep from FFPE tissue samples
  • Rapid purification of high-quality, ready-to-use DNA for use in research applications
  • Enzymatic removal of cytosine deamination artifacts for FFPE samples
  • Automation on the QIAsymphony Sample Preparation
  • Outstanding results in DNA sequencing applications
With the QIAsymphony DSP DNA Mini Kit, in combination with the QIAsymphony GeneRead DNA FFPE Treatment Kit and QIAsymphony SP, it is possible to fully automate DNA extraction from up to 96 FFPE samples in parallel. Enzymatic removal of cytosine deamination artifacts from FFPE samples in combination with optimized protocols provide high yields of pure DNA, suitable for downstream sequencing applications in the GeneReader NGS System workflow. Novel, prefilled reagent cartridges reduce setup time and minimize manual handling. Bar code reading enables full tracking of reagents.

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Cat No./ID: 185306
QIAsymphony GeneRead DNA FFPE Treatment Kit  (192)
For uracil-N-glycosylase treatment of FFPE tissue specimens using the QIAsymphony SP Tissue_LC_200_V7_DSP protocol
Cat No./ID: 9001297
QIAsymphony SP
QIAsymphony sample prep module: includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor
Cat No./ID: 937236
QIAsymphony DSP DNA Mini Kit (192)
For 192 preps of 200 µl each: Includes 2 reagent cartridges and enzyme racks and accessories.
In the context of the GeneReader NGS System, the QIAsymphony SP, QIAsymphony DPS DNA Mini Kit and QIAsymphony GeneRead FFPE Treatment Kits are intended for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Details

Schematic of the QIAsymphony SP principle.
The QIAsymphony SP processes a sample containing magnetic particles as follows: A magnetic rod protected by a rod cover enters a well containing the sample and attracts the magnetic particles. The magnetic rod cover is positioned above another well and the magnetic particles are released. The QIAsymphony SP uses a magnetic head containing an array of 24 magnetic rods, and can therefore process up to 24 samples simultaneously. Steps 1 and 2 are repeated several times during sample processing.
The QIAsymphony DSP DNA mini kit in combination with the QIAsymphony GeneRead DNA FFPE Treatment Kit can be used to purify DNA from FFPE tissues. This combines the speed and efficiency of silica-based purification of DNA with the convenient handling of magnetic particles (see figure "Schematic of the QIAsymphony SP principle"). Innovative, ready-to-run reagent cartridges are prefilled with all reagents required for the purification procedure and are automatically opened by the QIAsymphony SP, which helps to minimize the risk of environmental contamination (see figure "Prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges"). Worktable setup is rapid, which saves you valuable time. Simply place up to 2 reagent cartridges in the consumables drawer. The reagent cartridges can be either from the same kit or from different kits, enabling different purification procedures to be performed within the same run of 96 samples. Reagent volumes only for the selected number of samples are used, giving you complete cost control.
The purification procedure is designed to ensure safe and reproducible handling of potentially infectious samples, and comprises 4 steps: lyse, bind, wash, and elute (see figure "QIAsymphony DSP DNA procedure"). Optimized protocols provide high quality nucleic acids with efficient removal of proteins, nucleases, and other impurities. Nucleic acids purified with  QIAsymphony GeneRead DNA FFPE Treatment Kit and QIAsymphony DSP DNA Mini Kit is ready for direct use in downstream library preparation and sequencing applications on the GeneReader NGS System. The user can choose between different elution volumes. 
Designed for use in the GeneReader NGS System workflow. 

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