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HiSpeed Plasmid Mega and Giga EF Kits

For ultrafast purification of up to 10 mg transfection-grade endofree plasmid or cosmid DNA
  • Approximately 50 minutes prep time
  • Lysate clearing and isopropanol precipitation without centrifugation
  • No risk of DNA pellet loss during precipitation
  • Up to 10 mg yield of high-copy plasmid DNA
  • LyseBlue for optimum lysis and maximum DNA yield
  • Endotoxin removal included (< 0.1 EU/μg DNA)
HiSpeed Plasmid Mega and Giga EF Kits provide vacuum-driven, large-scale, anion-exchange-based plasmid DNA preparation and require only one centrifugation step to elute the final plasmid DNA. The purified DNA is equivalent to that obtained by 2 x CsCl gradient centrifugation and is suitable for transfection-grade applications. A QIAvac HiSpeed LS vacuum manifold is required for the protocol.
The HiSpeed EF Mega Giga Kits must be used together with the QIAvac HiSpeed LS.

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