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MinElute Reaction Cleanup Kit

For cleanup of up to 5 μg DNA (70 bp to 4 kb) from enzymatic reactions
  • Very small elution volumes
  • Fast procedure and easy handling
  • High, reproducible recoveries
  • Gel loading dye for convenient sample analysis

The MinElute Reaction Cleanup Kit provides spin columns, buffers, and collection tubes for silica membrane-based purification of DNA 70 bp – 4 kb in size from enzymatic reactions. The spin columns are designed to allow elution in very small volumes (as little as 10 μl), delivering highly concentrated DNA in high yields. An integrated pH indicator allows easy determination of the optimal pH for DNA binding to the spin column. The procedure can be fully automated on the QIAcube Connect. DNA fragments purified with the MinElute system are ready for direct use in all applications, including sequencing, microarray analysis, ligation and transformation, restriction digestion, labeling, microinjection, PCR, and in vitro transcription.

For optimal results it is recommended to use this product together with QIAvac 24 Plus.


Binding capacity 5 µg
Elution volume 10 µl
Format Tube
Fragment size 70 bp – 4 kb
Processing Manual
Recovery: oligonucleotides dsDNA Recovery: oligonucleotides, dsDNA
Removal <10mers 17–40mers dye terminator proteins Removal <40mers
Sample type: applications DNA, oligonucleotides: Enzymatic reactions
Technology Silica technology

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