Custom siRNA Flexiplates

Design siRNA FlexiPlates by specifying siRNA targets, scales and the plate layout of your choice.
Use the siRNA FlexiPlate Custom Builder to assemble your target siRNAs for highly flexible, economical RNAi screening.
FlexiPlate siRNA is available at 0.1 nmol, 0.25 nmol and 1 nmol scales in 96-well plates, and at 0.1 nmol and 0.25 nmol scales in 384-well plates for the target genes of your choice.

Start building your custom product today by entering or uploading your search list in the box below. NOTE: If you choose to upload your genes in an Excel file, enter identifiers in column A only.

If you are unable to order your siRNA plates online, create your plate(s) online first and then export the file and send to the email indicated in the MS Word Order Form. Please note that the file should not be modified in any way once it has been exported.

If you are unable to configure your siRNA plates online, enter the data in the Microsoft Excel template. Please do not remove the headings in the first row of the spreadsheet. 

Be sure to include the MS Word Order Form containing your customer information along with the siRNA data in the spreadsheet.

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