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Custom LNA Detection Probes for mRNA and lncRNA

Custom design your own LNA-enhanced detection probes for any mRNA or lncRNA target in just minutes using our advanced online design tool. Custom LNA mRNA Detection Probes allow you to easily detect short RNAs and discriminate between highly similar RNAs. High affinity for their target sequences allows use of stringent hybridization and washing conditions, despite short probe lengths.

  • Sensitivity and specificity superior to DNA probes and riboprobes
  • Online tool provides optimally designed LNA-enhanced probe in minutes
  • Available with a wide selection of labels
  • No cloning expertise required
  • Excellent tissue penetration

Insert your target sequence for designing custom detection probes for ISH or Northern blotting for mRNA, lncRNA or other longer RNA species. The algorithm is optimized for design of detection probes for RNA target sequences of at least 55 nucleotides.

Enter a probe melting temperature (RNA Tm) if the default recommended value is not appropriate for your application.
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