miRCURY LNA miRNA Custom Detection Probes

miRCURY LNA miRNA Custom Detection Probes enable specific detection of novel miRNAs, miRNAs not covered by the predesigned miRCURY LNA miRNA Detection Probes or other short, ncRNA sequences. These custom miRNA detection probes are LNA enhanced and are designed according to the same design rules used for our predesigned miRNA detection probes. The algorithm is optimized for design of detection probes for miRNA and similar short RNA targets.

  • Superior sensitivity and specificity for detecting low-abundance miRNAs
  • Custom-designed probes for targeting novel miRNA sequences
  • A wide selection of available labels enables multiplexing and co-localization
  • Ideal for standardized protocols for automated, high-throughput ISH
  • Fast and easy workflow using the one-day miRNA ISH protocol
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