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Mm/Hs_MAPK1 Control siRNA
For a positive control knockdown in siRNA experiments
FlexiPlate siRNA
For highly flexible, economical RNAi screening
    • Maximum flexibility to select siRNAs, scales, and plate layout
    • Economical options allow screening of more target genes
    • Fast and easy access via GeneGlobe
    • Cutting-edge siRNA design minimizes the risk of off-target effects
    • Rapid delivery enables screening without delay
HP Custom siRNA
For efficient gene silencing using high-purity siRNA
    • High-purity siRNA at an economical price
    • Short turnaround times
    • Highly photostable and bright Alexa Fluor labels available
    • Option of a range of modifications
HiPerFect Transfection Reagent
For transfection of eukaryotic cells with siRNA and miRNA
    • Efficient transfection using low siRNA concentrations
    • Effective transfection of primary cells with high cell viability
    • Effective transfection of suspension cells and macrophages
    • Cell-specific protocols at the TransFect Protocol Database
    • Efficient transfection of miRNA mimics or inhibitors
FlexiTube siRNA Premix
For optimized, one-step siRNA transfection
    • Save time — just add to cells and incubate
    • Efficient transfection with reduced effort
    • Consistency across multiple experiments
TransMessenger Transfection Reagent
For efficient mRNA transfection
    • Highly efficient transfection
    • Reproducible results ensured by stringent quality control
    • Efficient transfection of primary neuronal cells
FlexiTube siRNA
For efficient RNAi analysis one gene at a time
    • Cost-effective siRNA enables analysis of more genes
    • Optimal solutions for every gene
    • Innovative design minimizes the risk of off-target effects
    • Easy to search for and order siRNA at GeneGlobe
SuperFect Transfection Reagent
For transfection of a broad range of eukaryotic cell lines with DNA
    • Suitable for a broad range of cell lines
    • Transfection can be performed in the presence of serum
    • Activated dendrimers ensure reproducibility
Effectene Transfection Reagent
For DNA transfection of primary cells and sensitive cell lines
    • High efficiency in the presence of serum
    • Efficient transfection with low DNA amounts
    • Far lower cytotoxicity and gentler than many alternatives
    • Suitable for high-throughput screening
Attractene Transfection Reagent
For efficient DNA transfection and DNA–siRNA/miRNA cotransfection
    • Highly efficient DNA transfection with extremely low cytotoxicity
    • Rapid Fast-Forward Protocol
    • Reagent of choice for all adherent cells and sensitive cells
    • Ideal for cotransfection and vector-based RNAi
    • Free of animal-derived components
AllStars Negative Control siRNA

For negative control RNAi experiments

    • Most thoroughly validated negative control available
    • No homology to any known mammalian gene
    • Minimal nonspecific effects
    • Can be used in miRNA mimic experiments
AllStars Mm/Rn Cell Death Control siRNA

For siRNA transfection optimization and positive control experiments in mouse or rat ...

    • Easy to use for optimization/as a positive control
    • Highly effective for virtually all cell types
    • Simple evaluation by light microscopy
    • Valuable control for high-throughput RNAi
AllStars Hs Cell Death Control siRNA

For siRNA transfection optimization and positive control experiments in human cells

    • Optimization and positive control experiments made easy
    • Valuable control for high-throughput RNAi
    • Simple evaluation by light microscopy
    • Highly effective for a wide range of cell types
AllStars Reporter Controls
For knockdown of a reporter gene
    • Reporter controls known to provide high knockdown of reporter genes
    • Efficient knockdown of luciferase and green fluorescent protein (GFP)
PolyFect Transfection Reagent
For fast and easy DNA transfection of standard cell lines
    • Optimized transfection using cell-specific protocols
    • Fast procedure and easy handling
    • High cell viability, low cytotoxicity
Negative Control siRNA
For negative control of siRNA