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RT2 qPCR Primer gDNA Controls

For detection of genomic DNA contamination in RNA and cDNA

  • Sensitive detection of non-transcribed genomic DNA
  • For multiple species
  • Compatible with RT² qPCR Primer Assays

RT² qPCR Primer gDNA Controls specifically detect non-transcribed genomic DNA contamination with high sensitivity. RT² qPCR Primer gDNA Controls are available for human, mouse, rat, dog, and Rhesus macaque model systems. Each control vial contains sufficient primer for 200 PCR reactions.

Cat No./ID: 330011
RT2 qPCR Primer gDNA Control (200)
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RT2 qPCR Primer gDNA Contam. Control

RT² qPCR Primer gDNA Controls specifically detect a sequence of non-transcribed human, mouse, rat, dog, or Rhesus macaque genomic DNA with high sensitivity. This control helps to detect genomic DNA contamination in cDNA samples before characterization by SYBR® Green-based real-time PCR in order to prevent false-positive signals. RNA samples found to contain genomic DNA contamination may be treated with an appropriate source of RNAse-free DNAse and column purified before retesting with the RT² qPCR Primer gDNA Controls. Samples lacking genomic DNA contamination will provide accurate results in gene expression analysis.

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