Sequence what matters – one-step, rapid removal of rRNA and/or globin mRNA using QIAseq FastSelect

Whole transcriptome NGS enables the characterization of both coding mRNAs and long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) from biological samples, including FFPE samples. However, before ultra-sensitive RNA-seq can be performed on FFPE samples or other sample types, cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA should be removed to increase sensitivity and decrease the cost per sample.

To deplete rRNA, various methodologies exist. These include hybridization/capture methods, both as a pre-treatment or during post-library construction, as well as methods which utilize enzymatic removal with target specific probes. However, these methods are arduous, not ideally suited for fragmented samples and may cause sample loss or distortion of transcriptomic profiles.

To remedy the complexity and the time necessary for rRNA removal in RNA-seq applications, QIAGEN has developed QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kits, which are based on a novel, one-step rRNA depletion technology. QIAseq FastSelect is compatible with both fresh and FFPE-fragmented RNA and stranded RNA-seq libraries that utilize the dUTP or selective ligation method. Kits for globin depletion, as well as custom kits for any species and RNA of your choice are available.

Join this webinar and learn more about the novel, simple and fast QIAseq FastSelect rRNA depletion technology and how your RNA-seq workflow and results can benefit.

Jonathan Shaffer, Ph.D.

Jonathan M. Shaffer
Dr. Shaffer joined QIAGEN in 2009 and has since worked with various technology development groups, the most recent being miRNA technologies. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular genetics from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2008 where his research focused on determining the mechanisms that regulate non-receptor tyrosine kinase expression and activity. Dr. Shaffer did his postdoctoral training at SABiosciences Corporation, now part of QIAGEN. Currently, Dr. Shaffer is a Senior Scientist in Product Development at QIAGEN.