Linking miRNA and gene expression using NGS

Total RNA discovery includes exploring both gene expression and regulation. This means analyzing both mRNA and noncoding regulatory RNA species such as microRNA. Until recently, successful miRNA-seq was difficult due to challenges such as contamination with adapter dimers and other RNA species, PCR bias and high sample input requirements. In this webinar, we discuss how new technological advances have helped overcome the challenges of miRNA-seq and RNA-seq, and why NGS is replacing qPCR as the technology of choice for total RNA discovery studies. Join us to find out about the recent advances in RNA sequencing and to learn about a case study in which NGS links microRNA with gene expression analysis.

Dr. Sam Rulli

Samuel J. Rulli

Samuel Rulli is an R&D Scientist in qPCR applications at QIAGEN and has spent three years in the biotech industry as a qPCR specialist developing, evaluating, and teaching different qPCR technologies and applications. Dr. Rulli received his PhD in 2002 from Tulane University studying the gastric proton pump and did post-doctoral research at Johns Hopkins University and the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, MD. Trained as a molecular biologist, Dr. Rulli has worked on different assay detection technologies for gene expression and nucleic acid analysis.