Detecting Complex Mutations in Myeloid Leukemia Using the GeneReader NGS System and QIAact Myeloid DNA UMI Panel

The QIAact Myeloid DNA UMI Panel in combination with the QIAGEN GeneReader NGS System provides a single integrated solution to simultaneously test for approximately 9,000 variants in 25 genes with reported relevance to clonal myeloid malignancy. The incorporation of unique molecular index (UMI) technology enables detection of low frequency variants, including those below the 1% variant allele frequency (VAF) such as mutations within JAK2 and KIT genes (for the other genes, the panel supports mutation detection with a VAF of 5%). Accurate reporting of usually challenging-to-detect mutations including the large CALR Type 1 (52 bp deletion), FLT3 ITDs (with identified insertion site), and GC-rich sequences, such as in the CEBPA gene, are also possible due to this digital sequencing approach paired with optimized bioinformatics.