Direct Amplification of Reference Samples Using Investigator STR GO! Kits

Reference samples are typically of high quality and quantity, and the outcome of STR analysis of these samples is more predictable compared to unknown casework samples. This permits a streamlined process, eliminating the need for sample extraction or quantification, and allows direct PCR from an FTA punch or crude lysate of a buccal swab.

QIAGEN has developed the new Investigator STR GO! Kits facilitating direct amplification. Two assay formats are now available: Investigator IDplex GO! Kit, covering the CODIS set of markers and the new Investigator ESSplex SE GO! Kit, covering the European Standard Set (ESS), including SE33.

This webinar will outline the benefits of the Investigator STR GO! Kits, highlighting the optimization of these kits for direct amplification, and also discuss: 

  • Improved primer design
  • Shorter-PCR cycling protocols
  • Streamlined reaction setup
  • Fast and convenient lysis protocol for buccal swabs

Please join us to learn how to improve results and streamline your forensic STR analysis.

Dr. Mario Scherer

Dr. Mario Scherer is Associate Director Scientific Applications in the Human Identity and Forensic Testing R&D department at QIAGEN. He joined QIAGEN in 2006 to work on forensic technologies and plays a key role in the development of the forensic sample preparation and assay portfolio extension. He also played a major role in the development of QIAsymphony protocols and new STR chemistry.