QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media Kit

For automated sample preparation of human cervical cells stored in liquid-based cytology media


  • Prefilled reagent cartridges, sufficient for 2 x 352 sample preparations
  • High reproducibility through standardized processing 
  • Processes up to 88 samples, in 24 batches per run, in less than 2.5 hours
  • Bar codes for complete tracking of samples and reagents
QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media Kit (704)

Cat. No. / ID: 937358

For 704 sample extractions: Includes 2 reagent cartridges and accessories
The QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media Kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product Details

The QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media Kit, in combination with the QIAsymphony SP, provides sample extracts that are ready for automated testing using the digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test with the Rapid Capture System. This kit uses QIAsymphony magnetic particle technology for automated isolation of human cervical cells stored in liquid-based cytology (LBC) media.


QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media technology combines the speed and efficiency of pH-driven anion exchange chromatography with the convenient handling of magnetic particles. Ready-to-run reagent cartridges are prefilled with all the reagents required for the sample preparation procedure and are automatically opened by the QIAsymphony SP ( Schematic of QIAsymphony SP principle), which helps to minimize the risk of environmental contamination.
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The sample preparation procedure is designed to ensure safe and reproducible handling of potentially infectious samples, and comprises binding and recovery of sample extracts. Worktable setup is rapid, which saves valuable time. Simply check the waste drawer, load consumables, and load 2 reagent cartridges. Reagent volumes only for the selected number of samples are used, allowing complete cost control.

Protocol for use with the QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media Kit
Protocol  Sample type Volume processed
PC2500_HC2_V1_DSP PreservCyt samples  2.5 ml


The QIAsymphony DSP HPV Media Kit, when automated on the QIAsymphony SP, enables the sample preparation of specimens that have been collected in liquid-based cytology media, such as PreservCyt Solution (Hologic). Sample extracts may be refrigerated to consolidate microplates for further processing.

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Are there important considerations for plasma generation and urine handling?

It is strongly advised to follow the recommendations for preparing sample material provided in the corresponding Protocol Sheet to ensure reliable results.

Plasma: It is recommended to perform plasma separation immediately after blood collection when using EDTA or citrate as anticoagulant to prevent the release of genomic DNA into the plasma fraction.

Urine: Because circulating cell-free DNA in non-stabilized urine samples is rapidly degraded after sample collection due to high nuclease activity, eluates may contain no DNA or exhibit low DNA concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to stabilize urine samples. Even when using stabilized urine, it is recommended to perform a centrifugation step immediately after stabilization to prevent the release of genomic DNA from cells. Alternatively, non-stabilized urine samples can be processed immediately after collection and centrifugation using ATL-pretreatment and automated DNA extraction as described in the corresponding Protocol Sheet.

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