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Warranty Extension

For optimal instrument performance and enhanced coverage

  • Complete coverage and cost control
  • Immediate access to priority response times
  • Optimal instrument performance
  • Reduced service costs
  • GMP-compliant documentation

Our extended warranties make ownership of laboratory instruments easy. A Warranty Extension Service Support Agreement gives you greater financial control and allows defined budgeting, meaning you won't be surprised by any unexpected service costs. In addition, you immediately benefit from enhanced coverage through service and support features not included in the standard warranty.

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Cat No./ID: 9241207
QIAsymphony SP, Full Agreement
1 year coverage of travel, labor, and spare parts. The instrument is repaired at the customer site with an onsite response time of 48 hours. The agreement includes a preventive maintenance/inspection visit.
Cat No./ID: 9242507
QIAsymphony SP/AS, Full Agreement
Full Cover Agreement for the QIAsymphony SP/AS for 1 year, including 1 Preventive Maintenance service

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A Warranty Extension makes ownership of laboratory instruments easy.

A Warranty Extension agreement extends your warranty period to 2 or 3 years. One preventive maintenance visit is included per year. Costs for service visits are fully covered including travel, labor, and repair parts, plus the cost of kits required for preventive maintenance. Different response times are available to suit your requirements: a Warranty Extension, Premium agreement (not available in all countries/areas; please contact your local QIAGEN representative for more information) provides a 24-hour (1 working day) response time; a Warranty Extension, Full agreement provides a 48-hour (2 working days) response time. We also provide you with comprehensive information about all service work performed, in accordance with GMP requirements.
Service Support Agreements initiated at purchase allow you to budget the complete cost of your system over a year or longer, giving greater financial control. Contact your local sales representative and choose your level of coverage.

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Protocol Files (1)
These protocol files can only be used with QIAgility Operating software version 4.17 software and are not compatible with the new QIAgility Setup Manager software.
QIAgility Setup Manager software offers a complete solution for qPCR setup optimized for use with QIAGEN gene expression kits, such as QuantiTect, QuantiFast, QuantiNova and Rotor-Gene Kits.
The application spectrum of the QIAgility Setup Manager software will be expanded in the future with development of plug-ins for genotyping, pathogen testing, veterinary testing and food testing.

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