For use with multiple QIAamp DNA Mini Kits or QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kits on the QIAcube

    The QIAamp DNA Accessory Set A provides the additional buffers and reagents needed for isolation of genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite, or viral DNA using the QIAcube with 12 x QIAamp DNA Mini Kits (50). Set A also provides the additional buffers and reagents needed for isolation of DNA from stool using the QIAcube with 8 x QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kits (50). The QIAamp DNA Accessory Set B provides additional buffers and reagents for isolation of DNA using the QIAcube with 4 x QIAamp DNA Mini Kits (250).

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    QIAamp DNA Accessory Set A
    Additional buffers and reagents for use with at least 12 x QIAamp DNA Mini Kits (50), cat. no. 51304, or 8 x QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kits (50), cat. no. 51504, on the QIAcube
    QIAamp DNA Accessory Set B
    Additional buffers and reagents for use with at least 4 x QIAamp DNA Mini Kits (250), cat. no. 51306, on the QIAcube

    QIAamp DNA Accessory Sets are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

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