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Dysfunctional pathways and cancer — gain deeper insight
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The transformation of normal cells to cancerous cells can differ profoundly in each type of malignancy, but in each case, there seems to be a convergence towards altering some of the basic cellular functions. These alterations are commonly known as the hallmarks of cancer (1). Despite the different origins of the malignancy (mutations, gene expression alteration, epigenetic changes, etc.), each malignancy leads to similar changes in the phenotype such as self-sufficiency in growth signals, resistance to growth inhibitory signals and anti-cancer therapy, evasion of programmed cell death, unlimited replication capability, sustained ability for angiogenesis, etc. Since multiple pathways are dysfunctional in cancers, and cancers accumulate new oncogenic mutations as they progress, researchers require sophisticated research tools that profile multiple biological events simultaneously. QIAGEN provides a broad range of assay technologies for cancer research, enabling analysis of gene expression and regulation, epigenetic modification, genotyping, and signal transduction pathway activation.

Our pathway- and disease-focused PCR arrays allow you to quickly and easily identify the aberrant expression patterns of cancer-related genes relevant to your research. Powerful, comprehensive data analysis tools, such as Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and Ingenuity iReport, help you uncover the secrets buried in experimental data by quickly identifying relationships, mechanisms, functions, and pathways of relevance. Gaining a better understanding of the basic nature of the cancer by determining critical molecular differences between tumor and normal samples helps accelerate the identification of drug targets and diagnostic or prognostic markers.


1. Hanahan and Weinberg (2011) Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation. Cell 144, 646.

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Cignal Reporter Assay Kit
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