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Next-Generation Sequencing

Genomic Services

Endless possibilities to enhance your research and clinical applications

Partnering with Genomic Services is a convenient and fast way to extend your in-house resources with expertise and perfectly tailored services that ensure high-quality data. With our unique spectrum of innovative technologies, we can help with only the time-consuming parts of your project, or support the entire journey - from sample to insight - with expert consultation so you can make the best decisions for your goals.

Our extensive knowledgebase covers any biology research area - translational research, biomarker discovery, clinical studies, disease-specific research, microbiome analysis and beyond. Our proprietary workflows are designed for the highest efficiency and quality. To serve you better, we have redundant laboratories strategically located in Frederick, Maryland, and Hilden, Germany.

To ensure the safety of your data, Genomic Services operates with secure IT facilities, infrastructure and data centers as well as a disaster recovery data center. The QIAGEN Cyber Security Program follows best practices outlined in ISO27001.

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