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RT2 Profiler PCR Array Service

For pathway- or disease-focused gene expression profiling

  • Project completion and success ensured
  • Guaranteed fast delivery
  • Outstanding data quality
  • Each project is thoroughly reviewed and quality controlled

The RT2 Profiler PCR Array Service uses RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays, a robust qRT-PCR technology that simultaneously monitors the expression of 84 or 370 pathway-focused genes. Verified and optimized processes yield outstanding data quality and rapid turnaround time.

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RT2 Profiler PCR Array Service
RT2 Profiler PCR Array Service
The RT2 Profiler PCR Array Service is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details


The RT2 Profiler PCR Array Service uses high-performance SYBR® Green real-time PCR analysis. RT² Profiler PCR Arrays analyze expression of a panel of genes associated with any one of over 120 biological pathways or specific disease states. RT² Profiler PCR Arrays provide accurate, reliable, and convenient SYBR® Green analysis. Choose from over 120 catalogued arrays or custom design an array of your choice.


Recommended sample types and sample collection details are described below.

For instructions regarding sample submission and shipping, please contact QIAGEN Technical Services. Samples accepted are total RNA, cells, or tissue. For cells and tissue, an RNA isolation service is available.

For all samples, sample collection should be carried out in a timely manner in an RNase-free environment. Please note the minimum amount of starting materials required (see below for requirements for each sample type). If you have less than the minimum amount or your previously isolated samples have been stored differently than we recommend, contact QIAGEN Technical Services before submitting your samples.

Before shipping:

  • Obtain a sample submission form from QIAGEN Technical Services. 
  • Complete the form and include it with the sample shipment. 
  • Include the amount of material and its storage conditions. 
  • Sign and date the form. 
  • Ship according to the instructions for your sample type.

Provide at least 0.5 million (106) cells for each sample (specify number of cells on the submission form). Snap freeze the cell pellets in liquid nitrogen, store samples frozen at –80°C, and ship on dry ice.


Provide at least 50 mg of tissue for each sample (specify the weight of the tissue on the submission form). Snap freeze tissues in liquid nitrogen. Store samples frozen at –80°C, and ship on dry ice.

Total RNA

Where total RNA samples are submitted, a minimum concentration of 0.5 mg/ml is required. If the RNA concentration is below 0.5 mg/ml, please contact QIAGEN Technical Services. A260/A280 should be >2.0 and A260/A230 should be >1.7. All measurements should be taken in RNase-free 10 mM Tris buffer; pH 8.0.
QIAGEN will measure RNA concentration with a spectrophotometer and assess the quality of the submitted RNA using either an Agilent Bioanalyzer or QIAxcel.

If the submitted samples are cells or tissue, RNA extraction can be performed using the RNA Isolation Service.

Other sample types

Please contact QIAGEN Technical Services.

Sample processing

RNA samples are processed by QIAGEN for RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays using the following steps: 

  • Reverse-transcription using the RT² First Strand Kit (FFPE samples, LCM, FNAB, and other small samples may require pre-amplification using RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit and RT² PreAMP Pathway Primer Mixes) 
  • Real-time detection on cataloged or custom PCR array
  • Data analysis using dedicated PCR array data analysis software 
  • Data report delivered via email or secure FTP site
Data analysis

Data analysis is performed using dedicated PCR array data analysis software. Data in an electronic form can be downloaded from a secure FTP website or delivered via email. A complete data and experiment report includes: 

  • Raw CT values 
  • ΔCT, analysis 
  • Excel spreadsheet (data analysis using pair-wise comparisons, including raw data, tabular results as well as Scatter, 3D, and volcano plots)

Contact a Technical Support representative to order or to discuss your specific need at support@sabiosciences.com.  


RT2 Profiler PCR arrays are the most reliable and sensitive profiling technology for analyzing a panel of genes in signal transduction pathways, biological processes or disease-related gene networks. RT2 Profiler PCR arrays can be used for research into cancer, immunology, stem cells, toxicology, biomarker discovery and verification, and phenotypic analysis of cells, tissues, and research animal samples.

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