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PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5

For detection of proteins containing phosphorylated serine residues
  • Phosphorylated serine residue detection in any amino acid sequence
  • Cell-signaling studies without the need for radioactivity

The PhosphoSerine Q5 Antibody is a mixture of anti-phosphoserine antibodies. It is used to detect proteins with phosphylated serine residues after western blotting.

Cat No./ID: 37430
PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5 (100 µg)
$7,842.00 MXN
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100 μg mixture of anti-phosphoserine antibodies (isotypes mouse IgG1 and IgM, for 200 ml working solution)
Performance of PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5
Detection: Phosphorylated serine residues, irrespective of surrounding amino acids
Isotype(s): Mouse IgG1 and IgM
Form: Lyophilized
Working concentration: 1/100–1/200 dilution of antibody stock solution
Working solution:
100–200 ml

PhosphoSerine Antibodies recognize and bind to phosphorylated serine residues, irrespective of surrounding amino acids. The use of chemiluminescent detection in conjunction with PhosphoSerine Antibodies is strongly recommended.

The PhosphoProtein Handbook contains detailed protocols for detection of phosphoproteins using the PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5.

PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5 is applicable to research in:

Cell signaling and apoptosis
Protein kinases and oncology
Immune disorders
Applications SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
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