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96-Well Microplates FB

For use with the 96-Well Magnet Type A

24-Well Blocks RB

For growing, harvesting, and lysing bacterial protein expression cultures

96-Well Microplates MP

For use with the BioSprint 96

5 ml Tube Centrifuge Blocks
For easy centrifugation of 5 ml bead tubes in standard 96 well centrifuge buckets
2 ml Tube Holder Set
For the homogenization in 2 ml bead tubes on the 96 Well Plate Shaker
5 ml Tube Adapter Set
For sample homogenization using 5 ml bead tubes on a TissueLyzer II
Round-Well Blocks

For use in 96-well purification procedures

RT2 Strips

For use with RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays

    • Accessories for RT2 Profiler PCR Array products
    • Additional cap strips to seal PCR array plates
RT2 PCR Array Loading Reservoir

For loading PCR arrays with up to 5 ml sample

    • Accessories for RT2 Profiler PCR Array products
    • Reservoir for up to 5 ml sample
Filter-Tips, M48

For use with the BioRobot M48

Small Spin Columns

For use with the Oligotex system


For collecting wash and lysis fractions from 96-well plates

Sample Prep Plates
Disposable polypropylene plates for sample preparation
Tape Pads

Adhesive tape sheets for sealing multiwell plates and blocks

Collection Tubes

For collection of fractions during spin-column procedures

Collection Microtube Caps

For capping collection microtubes and round-well blocks

Collection Microtubes

For collection of fractions during spin column procedures

Caps for Elution Microtubes
Caps for Elution Microtubes
RT2 Calibration Plates
For calibration of real-time PCR instruments
Disposable Filter-Tips, 1100 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Disposable Filter-Tips, 300 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Disposable Troughs

For PAXgene 96 procedures on the BioRobot MDx workstation

Disposable Filter-Tips
For use with the BioRobot Universal System
Disposable Tips, 300 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Disposable Tips, 1100 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Extension Tubes
For use with QIAGEN spin columns on vacuum manifolds
Elution Microtubes CL

For use with 96-well plates, including QIAamp 96 plates and RNeasy 96 plates

AirPore Tape Sheets
Microporous tape sheets for covering 96-well plates, square-well or flat-bottom blocks
Polypropylene Columns

For gravity-flow chromatography with Ni-NTA Agarose or Ni-NTA Superflow

PowerBead Tubes
For the rapid and reliable lysis of biological samples from a wide variety of ...
    • Optimized for the PowerLyzer 24 Homogenizer
    • Compatible with all bead beating instruments
    • Ready-to-use for easy, hands-free sample homogenization
    • Certified DNase- and RNase-free for isolation of high-quality nucleic acids   

For holding QIAGEN-tips, allowing convenient wash buffer drainage and elution

For simple and rapid homogenization of cell and tissue lysates
    • Replaces syringe-and-needle homogenization
    • Reduces loss of sample material
    • Eliminates cross-contamination between samples
    • Filters out insoluble debris and reduces viscosity