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NeXtal Stock Solution Kits

For recreating Screening Suite conditions

  • Ideal for developing grids around original hit conditions
  • Three different kits available: buffers, cryoprotectants, and salts
  • Compatible with all EasyXtal Screening Suites
  • Maximized reproducibility through access to online production reports

The range of solutions with the individual NeXtal Stock Solution Kits can be used to develop grids around the established conditions. The NeXtal Stock Kit Buffer provides 48 conditions with a range of pHs from pH 2.2 to 11.6, NeXtal Stock Kit Salt provides 48 conditions containing different salts, and the NeXtal Stock Kit Cryo provides 24 of the most popular cryoprotectants. Reproducibility of the conditions is essential for repeating crystallization, therefore, the same high-quality chemicals are used as in Screening Suites.

Cat No./ID: 132981
NeXtal Stock Kit Cryo
Order Product
24 x 10 ml tubes containing a selection of cryoprotectants
Cat No./ID: 132983
NeXtal Stock Kit Buffer
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48 x 10 ml tubes containing buffer solutions with a wide range of final pH (2.2 to 11.6)
Cat No./ID: 132985
NeXtal Stock Kit Salt
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48 x 10 ml tubes containing a selection of salts

NeXtal Stock Solution Kits are used to develop grids around the optimal conditions for crystallization, once these have been established.

Format Three different sets of 24 or 48 x 10 ml of NeXtal Stock solutions
Processing Manual or automated

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