Differential expression analysis and novel discovery using NGS to further your goals
Using optimized reaction chemistry for robust, miRNA-specific isolation, libraries are prepared with the QIAseq miRNA Library Kit and proprietary methods for minimizing reaction biases and eliminating adapter dimers. Unique molecular indices (UMIs) tag each miRNA at an early stage, eliminating PCR and sequencing bias.

Data analysis is provided for both primary miRNA mapping and UMI analysis as well as secondary differential expression analysis.

  • Bead-based method to remove adapter dimers and unwanted RNA species resulting in the highest fidelity and most efficient data
  • Integrated UMIs enable quantification of individual miRNA molecules
  • Primary read mapping and differential expression analysis via a proprietary pipeline

Comprehensive data analysis, including statistical analysis, is provided using our unique NGS data analysis pipeline:

  • Comprehensive quality control of raw data
  • Alignment of sequence to the appropriate reference genome
  • Quality control of mapped data
  • Quantification of known transcripts (both ENSEMBL and UCSC databases are supported)
  • Normalization
  • Differential gene expression analysis to identify known and novel genes and transcripts that are differentially expressed between your sample groups
  • Statistical analysis, provided there are a sufficient number of samples per group
  • Unsupervised analysis, including principal component analysis (PCA plot) and heat map
  • Supervised analysis: for each specific group comparison, we generate a volcano plot to display genes which are differentially expressed among the groups, list differentially expressed genes as well as identify statistically significant signals
  • Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis to identify GO terms that are over-represented within differentially expressed genes; this gives a picture of the impact of the experiment on biological pathways and processes


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