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Grinding Jar Sets

TissueLyser를 이용하여 대량 샘플을 2개까지 효율적으로 파쇄할 수 있습니다

    Grinding Jar Sets are designed for efficient and user-friendly disruption of 2 large samples (4–10 ml of sample per jar) using the QIAGEN TissueLyser II. Each grinding jar is opened and closed by a screw mechanism, and can hold one grinding ball. Two Grinding Jar Sets are available: one with stainless steel grinding balls, the other with Teflon grinding balls. Stainless steel grinding balls are recommended for disrupting hard samples, such as bone, as well as for disrupting samples in liquid nitrogen. For all other disruptions, Teflon grinding balls are recommended.

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    Cat No./ID: 69985
    Grinding Jar Set, Stainless Steel (2 x 10 ml)
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    2 Grinding Jars (10 ml), 2 Stainless Steel Grinding Balls (20 mm)
    Cat No./ID: 69986
    Grinding Jar Set, Teflon (2 x 10 ml)
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    2 Grinding Jars (10 ml), 2 Teflon Grinding Balls (20 mm)

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    For efficient disruption of 2 large samples on the TissueLyser
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    For high-throughput disruption of biological samples
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