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15 ml/50 ml Tube Magnet

5 x 15 ml or 3 x 5 ml tubes에서 magnetic particles을 분리할 수 있습니다

    The 15 ml/50 ml Tube Magnet is a convenient separation device for cell separation, magnetocapture, or immunoassays with BioMag magnetic particles in 15 ml or 50 ml tubes. Volumes between 7 ml and 12 ml in 15 ml tubes, or between 25 ml and 40 ml in 50 ml tubes can be effectively separated. The beads are pulled to the side of the tube by the magnetic field, which has a strength of greater than 20 megaoersted, and are held in place while solutions are exchanged or removed. Removal of the magnetic field allows easy resuspension of the magnetic particles.

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    15 ml/50 ml Tube Magnet 
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    Magnet for separating magnetic particles in 5 x 15 ml and 3 x 50 ml tubes

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