PyroMark Custom Assays

For Pyrosequencing analysis of any user-defined DNA sequence


  • Ready-to-use assays produced from user-designed primer sequences
  • Convenient ordering through GeneGlobe
  • Delivers optimized primer concentration and quality
  • Supported by QIAGEN's expertise in Pyrosequencing analysis

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Configure at GeneGlobe
Find or custom design the right target-specific assays and panels to research your biological targets of interest.
PyroMark Custom Assay (200)

Cat. No. / ID: 978776

User-designed PCR and sequencing primers for Pyrosequencing analysis (200 reactions; tube format)
PyroMark Custom Assays are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
Configure at GeneGlobe
Find or custom design the right target-specific assays and panels to research your biological targets of interest.

Product Details

PyroMark Custom Assays deliver ready-to-use assays based on user-designed primers for the Pyrosequencing analysis of any DNA sequence.


PyroMark Custom Assays give users the flexibility to order a high-quality Pyrosequencing kit for the analysis of any DNA sequence. Enter the sequence of pre-designed PCR and sequencing primers, and receive a ready-to-use assay with optimized primer concentrations. The source of the primer sequences you enter may be from the literature, from previous projects, or — to maximize analysis success — from primer design and evaluation using the PyroMark Assay Design Software 2.0. Combined with other dedicated products of the PyroMark line, including carefully formulated PCR and sequencing reagents, the PyroMark Custom Assays expand the streamlined Pyrosequencing workflow to enable analysis of virtually any sequence in any genome.

Optimized primer concentration

Both the PCR and sequencing primers included in PyroMark Custom Assays are delivered at optimal concentrations for convenience of use and enhanced PCR quality. Together with the carefully formulated reagents of the PyroMark PCR Kit, this optimization ensures improved yield and quality of sequencing template, which consequently increases assay reliability. If working with RNA samples, the new PyroMark OneStep RT-PCR Kit enables reverse transcription and template amplification in one reaction with the same optimized yield and assay reliability.

The advantages of GeneGlobe

QIAGEN's GeneGlobe Web portal is a one-stop online interface that grants access to our extensive range of assay technologies in a gene- or pathway-specific context. GeneGlobe brings together state-of-the-art search and design algorithms, up-to-date sequence data, and our innovative technologies to facilitate discovery. Simply enter a search term for the gene or pathway of interest, and let GeneGlobe show you how to advance your research in epigenetics, gene expression, genetic determinants of disease, and more (see figure " Ordering through GeneGlobe").

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Prior to Pyrosequencing, a biotinylated PCR product is generated. Biotinylated PCR products are bound to streptavidin-coated Sepharose beads. The beads are then captured with the vacuum tool on the PyroMark Vacuum Workstation, and throroughly washed, generating single-stranded DNA suitable for sequencing. PyroMark Custom Assays give users the flexibility to order a high-quality custom-designed Pyrosequencing kit for the analysis of any DNA sequence. Each assay includes the primers necessary for generating the biotinylated PCR product, as well as the primer for the Pyrosequencing reaction.


Pyrosequencing is becoming increasingly important for research applications in a variety of disciplines. Pyrosequencing enables powerful and versatile analysis of genetic and epigenetic variation, whether examining drug-resistance development in pathogens, the role of epigenetic DNA methylation in gene expression regulation, genetic markers for specific phenotypes in livestock, or polymorphisms in forensic samples of mitochondrial DNA. PyroMark Custom Assays provide the high-quality ready-to-use primers for such analyses.

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Can I order the nucleotides from PyroMark Gold Reagents separately?
The nucleotides can only be ordered as part of the PyroMark Gold Reagents which also contain enzyme and substrate mix.
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