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MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA Kit

For the automated, hands-free isolation of nucleic acids from stool and gut material
  • Optimized for automated, hands-free purification
  • High yields of DNA and RNA from tough stool, gut materials or biosolids
  • Improved downstream applications with Inhibitor Removal Technology
  • High-quality DNA and RNA isolation without inhibitors using innovative technology
Automate the isolation of nucleic acids from stool, gut material and biosolids with the MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA Kit. Up to 0.25 g of sample can be run through this protocol, isolating high-quality DNA and RNA. Inhibitor Removal Technology eliminates lipids, heme, polysaccharides and other PCR inhibitors from the sample and ClearMag magnetic particles bind pure RNA and DNA only, excluding further organic inhibitors from continuing downstream to other applications. The kit does not use chaotropic salts or ethanol as part of the binding and washing steps, eliminating a secondary source of enzyme-inhibiting contamination.

Protocols are available for the Thermo Scientific KingFisher, Eppendorf epMotion and Hamilton Star platforms.

The MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA EP and MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA KF were formerly sold by MO BIO as PowerMag Microbiome DNA/RNA EP (384) and PowerMag Microbiome DNA/RNA KF (384).
Cat No./ID: 27500-4-EP
MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA EP
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For the automated, hands-free isolation of nucleic acids from stool and gut material
Cat No./ID: 27500-4-EP-BP
PowerBead Plates, Glass (4)
MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA EP Kit Components
Cat No./ID: 27600-4-KF
MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA KF
For the automated, hands-free isolation of nucleic acids from stool and gut material
Figure 1. Reliable, high quality microbial DNA extraction.
MagAttract PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA Kit was used with the epMotion® 5075 TMX to extract high-quality, intact RNA from 0.25 g Enterococcus-added samples. Four replicate samples showed no difference in yield or quality.

Bead size 0.1 mm glass
Binding capacity 500 µg per 20 µl of beads
Format ClearMag Technology
Processing Bead beating
Sample size 0.25 g
Sample types Soil, fecal, water, food, insects, swabs with PCR inhibitors
Storage temperature Store at room temperature (15-30°C)
Throughput 96-well plate

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