Buffer RW1

For washing of membrane-bound RNA in RNeasy and AllPrep procedures


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    Buffer RW1 (220 ml)

    Cat. No. / ID: 1053394

    220 ml wash buffer for use with RNeasy and AllPrep Kits
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    Buffer RW1 is for washing membrane-bound RNA when following RNeasy and AllPrep procedures.


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    What is the composition of Buffer RW1?

    The exact composition of Buffer RW1 is confidential. Buffer RW1 is a proprietary component of RNeasy Kits. Buffer RW1 contains a guanidine salt, as well as ethanol, and is used as a stringent washing buffer that efficiently removes biomolecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids etc., that are non-specifically bound to the silica membrane. At the same time, RNA molecules larger than 200 bases remain bound to the column.

    Note: Buffer RW1 should not be used for isolation of small RNAs, for example, microRNAs or fragmented RNA from formalin-fixed tissues, as these smaller fragments will be washed away.  Buffer RWT should be used instead.

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