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dPCR Assays, Kits & Instruments

dPCR Assays, Kits & Instruments

Highly accurate and sensitive dPCR

Low multiplexing and limited throughput options, lack of a rapid and contamination-free workflow without droplets, and a significantly higher cost than quantitative PCR are some of the challenges you may face when performing digital PCR (dPCR) assays.

Our dPCR kits and dPCR accessories have been designed with your research needs and the limitations of the currently available methods in mind. We provide a nanoplate-based dPCR instrument that offers significant benefits over droplet digital PCR, including fixed and sealed partitions for high accuracy and sensitivity, advanced multiplexing and scalable platforms for different throughputs. The system seamlessly integrates a rapid workflow into a walk-away automated platform with minimal hands-on time, generating results in under 2 hours.

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Digital PCR
Digital PCR
Prepare your critical research applications for a digital future. Digital PCR is a highly precise approach to absolute nucleic acid quantification without standard curves. It is ideal for identifying faint genetic signals against a strong background, as needed in sensitive applications like rare mutation detection. Our fully integrated nanoplate-based dPCR system combines superior partitioning with the ease of use of qPCR. It offers several advantages over qPCR, such as improved precision and accuracy, increased resistance to inhibitors and high reproducibility.
How oysters led to COVID-19 testing
How oysters led to COVID-19 testing
A major issue in managing the pandemic is to have a reliable and early warning of outbreaks. I.A.G.E., a French startup specializing in environmental biological analyses, has used the new dPCR technology to confirm cases in the most vulnerable communities. And their story started with oysters.
QIAcuity goes on(line)
QIAcuity goes on(line)
After a year of remote everything, we're happy to bring QIAcuity to an event near you if it's scheduled to be in-person or give you the best of both worlds (the benefits of a virtual event and an in-person event) – in the form of hybrid events.
The magic is inside
The magic is inside
Discover the fully integrated nanoplate-based digital PCR system that takes users from the sample to result in under 2 hours. This interactive demo illustrates the complete process step-by-step.
dPCR assays now on GeneGlobe
dPCR assays now on GeneGlobe
Find and configure your dPCR assay with ease. Discover solutions for quantification of DNA, RNA and lncRNA targets by digital PCR on our GeneGlobe Design & Analysis Hub.