Internal Controls in Real-Time PCR-Based Pathogen Identification — Reliable Results with Clear Interpretation

The webinar focuses on the role of internal controls in real-time PCR-based pathogen identification. Real-time PCR is an ideal approach for many applications because it can detect viral RNA and DNA and bacterial DNA quickly and with great sensitivity. To increase process safety and correctly interpret negative results, the inclusion of an internal positive control is essential. Example data for several applications are presented, and Dr. Roth answers questions afterward.

The presentation covers:

  • The challenges in molecular pathogen identification
  • Different types of internal control suitable for PCR-based pathogen identification
  • QIAGEN's novel internal control for universal use in lab-developed tests

Dr. Lillian Roth

Dr. Lillian Roth is a Lead Scientist in the Veterinary R&D team at QIAGEN. Dr. Roth holds a degree in Verterinary Medicine from the University of Leipzig and a PhD in Natural Science from the Technical University of Berlin. Before joining QIAGEN in 2009, she conducted research at the Free University of Berlin (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ruminant and Swine Clinic), the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Berlin), and the Technical University of Berlin (Faculty of Process Science and Engineering).