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NoviPure Microbial Protein Kit

For the isolation of total cellular proteins from microbial cultures
  • Fast and easy protein extraction with spin filter extraction
  • Efficient lysis with bead beating protocol
  • Optimized to collect protein from fungi, Gram (+/-) bacteria and other microbial cultures
  • Proteins ready for downstream applications
Separate total cellular proteins from microbial cultures in 22 minutes with the NoviPure Microbial Protein Kit. Using a mechanical bead beating method, cells are broken down and proteins are solubilized from a variety of microbial species. Proteins are collected in silica spin filters. The immobilized proteins are easily washed free, allowing for a simplified isolation process that removes precipitation steps and leaves clean protein for downstream applications such as mass spectrometry and 1D or 2D SDS PAGE.

The NoviPure Microbial Protein Kit was previously sold by MO BIO under the same name.

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NoviPure Microbial Protein Kit (50)
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For the isolation of total cellular proteins from microbial cultures
The NoviPure Microbial Protein Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.


Bead size 0.1 mm glass, 0.5 mm glass mix
Format Silica spin filter
Sample size 1.8 ml of microbial culture QIAGEN recommends using no more than 1x10^8 fungal cells or 1x10^9 bacterial cells per sample
Sample types Processed cultured fungi, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria
Storage temperature Store spin filters at 4°C. All other kit reagents and components can be stored at room temperature (15-30°C)
Throughput 1-24 samples
Time per run or per prep 22 minutes

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