Validation of the EZ1 Advanced XL for DNA Purification

The EZ1 Advanced XL enables automated purification of nucleic acid from a wide range of sample types relevant for human identity testing and forensics. Scientists at the Forensic Science Laboratory Dublin, Ireland have validated the EZ1 Advanced XL for DNA purification in accordance with the QIAGEN EZ1 Validation Guide and ENSFI recommendations. Samples tested included:

• Blood on swabs
• Denim and cotton
• Epithelial cells on swabs
• Minitapes, cigarette butts, chewing gum
• Pulled hair roots
• Post-mortem muscle samples and semen samples

Parameters tested included: sensitivity, linearity, contamination risk, case-type samples, mixed samples, performance relative to existing methods, and DNA integrity over time.

In the 45-minute webinar, Dr. Alan Magee from the Forensic Science Laboratory Dublin, Ireland will discuss, in detail, the validation outcomes for the parameters tested and the issues arising during the validation. Please join us to learn how you can improve you forensic sample preparation process.

Dr. Alan Magee

Dr. Alan Magee has a primary and a Ph.D. degree in Genetics, both awarded by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher for six years at the Department of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin and for one year at the School of Biotechnology in Dublin City University. In 2008, he was appointed as a Forensic Scientist at the Forensic Science Laboratory Dublin. He is currently a casework scientist on the Serious Crime Team of the laboratory.