Optimizing DNA Purification from Forensic Samples for Higher Yield and Quality

The QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments allow fully automated extraction and PCR assay setup of forensic casework samples. Together they are the leading sample preparation system for forensic casework analysis. New extraction protocols called Casework Advanced (Adv) and High Efficiency (HE) further optimize the performance and increase sensitivity. Furthermore, with the latest software package normalization of STR PCR setup has been introduced to the AS reaction setup module.

Dr. Mario Scherer, Associate Director in QIAGENS’s Human ID and Forensic Testing R&D department, discusses:

  • Optimized high-efficiency casework protocols for elution in 30–80 μl
  • New casework Adv protocols to ensure maximum DNA recovery, yield, and quality
  • New functions on forensic workflow integration and assay setup

Watch the webinar to learn how to improve results and streamline your forensic sample preparation and assay set up.

Dr. Mario Scherer

Dr. Mario Scherer is Associate Director Scientific Applications in the Human Identity and Forensic Testing R&D department at QIAGEN. He joined QIAGEN in 2006 to work on forensic technologies and plays a key role in the development of the forensic sample preparation and assay portfolio extension. He also played a major role in the development of QIAsymphony protocols and new STR chemistry.