Successfully overcoming challenges in forensic sample preparation

We will discuss the latest developments in forensic sample preparation and advances with challenging samples using the QIAsymphony. We will elaborate on new software and protocol developments that improve difficult sample handling and subsequent profiling assay setup options.

The webinar includes:

  • Optimized casework protocols for maximum DNA yield and quality
  • New functions for forensic workflow integration and assay setup

Dr. Marion Nagy

Dr. Marion Nagy received her PhD in 1987. With extensive experience in immunogenetics and analysis of difficult forensic samples, Dr. Nagy is a member of several international organizations in these two disciplines. Dr. Nagy and her laboratory staff are actively involved in academia and the training of future forensic and immunogenetics researchers. Recognizing her invaluable contributions to the interdisciplinary working group in immunotherapy, Dr. Nagy received the Clinical Science Award from the German Society of Immunotherapy in 2004.

Dr. Mario Scherer

Dr. Mario Scherer is a Senior Scientist in the Human Identity and Forensic Testing Group at QIAGEN. Dr. Scherer received his PhD in Biology in 2001 at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg. During his four-year post-doctorate research there, he focused on plant/fungal pathogen interactions using whole genome transcription profiling. He joined QIAGEN in 2006 to work on forensic sample preparation and assay technologies and played a key role in the development of QIAsymphony's sample preperation protocols.