Critical Quantification Considerations in STR Analysis of Forensic DNA Samples

This webinar focuses on the critical role of DNA quantification in forensic testing. Knowing the concentration of the template DNA prior to performing PCR amplification for forensic STR analysis is not only useful, it is crucial to the efficiency and success of the downstream analysis.

This webinar:

Describes the challenges involved in the amplification of forensic DNA samples
Reviews the existing array of methods used for quantification
Introduces QIAGEN's new Investigator Quantiplex Kit
Presents data illustrating the importance of quantification in forensic DNA analysis

Dr. Francesca Di Pasquale

Francesca Di Pasquale
Dr. Francesca Di Pasquale obtained her degree in medicinal chemistry in 2004 from the University of Padova in Italy. During this time she also studied at the University of Medicinal Chemistry in Bonn in Germany, writing her diploma thesis at the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology. She then joined the Faculty of Chemistry and Life Science at the Excellence University of Konstanz, obtaining a PhD in Natural Science in 2008. She now holds the position at QIAGEN of Senior Scientist in Applied Testing R&D.