A comparison of protocols for human DNA quantification in forensic casework

Quantification is a crucial element in human identity and forensic testing, so laboratories connected with law enforcement institutions need to know that their procedures are accurate and free of problems. Validation of the workflow is essential. In this webinar, Connie Leigh Brown of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Regional DNA Laboratory speaks about the results of her team's comparison of several protocols for human DNA quantification in forensic casework. The webinar is hosted by Patrice Galvin of Forensic Magazine.

The webinar includes:

Performance and reproducibility data for the tested protocols
Comparisons between currently available kits
Information on software setup for Investigator Quantiplex

QIAGEN would like to thank Connie Leigh Brown for participating in the Investigator Quantiplex Kit field test.

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Connie Leigh Brown

Connie Leigh Brown is the DNA Laboratory Director and DNA Technical Leader for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Regional DNA Laboratory in metropolitan New Orleans. She holds a BSc in Applied Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MSc in Forensic Science from the University of Alabama, and an MBA from Louisiana Tech University. She has over 17 years of experience as a DNA casework analyst and is an acknowledged expert in forensic DNA analysis.