Novartis Scientists Share Their Experiences in Multiplex, Real-Time PCR

Multiplex, real-time PCR is a powerful technique for gene expression analysis and other applications. The ability to amplify and detect several genomic DNA, cDNA, or RNA targets in the same reaction vessel offers many benefits, including conservation of precious samples, increased throughput and time savings, precise relative quantification, and reduced reagent costs.

In this one-hour webinar, two Novartis scientists will present data demonstrating the feasibility and implementation of multiplex, real-time qPCR and qRT-PCR. They will share their experiences, explaining how these new methods decisively accelerate and simplify cellular quantitative PCR assays without compromising data quality.

  • Talk 1: Real-time PCR: duplexing without optimization: Andreas Hein will describe the establishment of multiple duplex, real-time PCR assays without optimization.
  • Talk 2: Novel cell-based qPCR assays for the screening of gene expression regulators: Hansjoerg Keller will focus on simplified workflows from cells to gene expression results that are well suited for use in high-throughput compound screening.

Andreas Edgar Hein

Andreas Hein is a scientist in the Expertise Program Proteases at Novartis. In his project work, he is currently focusing on the implementation of real-time PCR assays for the analysis of gene silencing experiments and pathway studies performed for drug target evaluation.
Hansjoerg Keller

Hansjoerg Keller is a senior research investigator in the Musculoskeletal Disease Area at Novartis. In his main osteoporosis research project, he is currently working on the expression regulation of the bone formation inhibitor SOST.