The truth about RNA sequencing

We give you the truth about RNA sequencing based on our many years of experience from our Genomic Services lab. We decode the terminology, explain strandedness, single/paired-end reads and read length/depth so you can make the best choices for your RNA sequencing project.​

Topics covered include:

  • Library preparation strategies for different RNAs – mRNA, lncRNA and miRNA
  • How to select optimal sequencing parameters according to your project goals
  • Quality control of RNA samples, library preps and sequencing data
  • RNA data analysis, normalization and quantification and biological interpretation
  • The importance of validating NGS results

Dr. Barbara R. Gould, Senior Field Application Scientist, QIAGEN

Dr. Gould received her Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine focusing on molecular endocrinology from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 2004. After a post-doctoral fellowship, she started her career as a Field Application Specialist, where she provided experimental advice and technical support for the use of molecular biology reagents.

Dr. Gould joined Exiqon in 2008 as Field Application Scientist, educating and advising academic and industry-based researchers on all aspects of RNA research projects, including Exiqon’s own biomarker research. She transferred into a Senior Field Application Scientist role when QIAGEN acquired Exiqon in 2016.